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The Village of Westmont was a small farming area in 1889 when the Great Johnstown Flood struck the City. Following the 1889 flood, the Cambria Iron Company, the City of Johnstown’s major industry, in search of a safer place, planned the hilltop section as a suburban residential district and built the Inclined Plane for direct access to the City. The Borough of Westmont was created by Decree of the Court of Quarter Sessions of Cambria County, from parts of Upper Yoder Township and Lower Yoder Township, on June 13, 1892.


  • Population: 5,181 (Largest Borough in Cambria County)
  • Street Miles: 26.77
  • Square Miles: 2.47
  • Assessed valuation of taxable property: $61,152.040
  • Borough Real Estate Taxes (2018): 21.00 Mills
  • Garbage Fees (2018)
    • Curb: $155
    • Backyard $255
    • ($15 discount if paid by 2/28)

Upcoming Events

Mar 12
Council Meeting
Westmont Municipal Building 7:00 P.M.
Mar 19
Police Commission Meeting
Westmont Municipal Building 5:00
Jan 16
Fire Commission Meeting
Westmont Municipal Building 7:00PM
Mar 21
Fire Department Meeting
Westmont Municipal Building 7:30PM
Dec 4
Planning Commission Meeting (as needed)
Westmont Municipal Building 7:00PM


1 month ago

Assalamualaikum sir aap ki tabiyat kaisi hai Umeed hai aap theek Honge ...

2 years ago

Richard Head

Who wants to play Bingo?! ...

2 years ago

Just wondering what it would take to get a dog park place here in the borough. The one down town is to difficult for a disabled person ((like myself) to take their dog to that park. I don't think it would be all that difficult to put together. There is a large section of land off Gouache. Even with the softball field there is ample room next to the trees at the opportunity end. All that might be needed is a fence, water source, waste disposal cans they could even be placed in the ground for the waste to compost into the ground. A couple of benches, something for the dogs to climb on or jump over. As a taxpayer in the bough I think something like a dog park would show excellent use of our taxes. ...

2 years ago

How would one go about trying to get a dog park in Westmont borough? The one downtown is extremely difficult for disabled people to use it. They are not that expensive to put together. A fence, some waste collection containers, they could even be in the ground so the breakdown into the soil, add a water source with objects for a dog to clime or jump over. I an sure something that simple would give the borough residents some confidence that our tax dollars are being used to make lives better. Just saying. ...