General Information


Co-Mingled Recyclables

  From beverage and food jars
  PET/PETE (1) and HDPE (2) (bottle or jug type containers only)
Aluminum, Steel & Bimetal Cans
  beverage and food cans
Cardboard & Newspaper

Place your recycling containers at the curb on your normal garbage day EVERY OTHER WEEK.

(Recycling schedule available at the Borough Office)

Lids and metal rings from rinsed cans and bottles must be removed.

Do not place recyclables in plastic bags.

Need a Second Bin? Please contact the Borough Office. Additional bins are available for a $10.00 deposit. Commercial and institutional establishments shall make arrangements with their private hauler.

Westmont Borough Ordinance requires commercial/institutional establishments to also recycle corrugated paper and high-grade office paper.

Garbage Collection

Garbage Collection Service is provided by Pro Disposal, Inc. Please call 814-736-3631 to make arrangements to remove additional garbage. Call the Borough Office to report missed garbage. Once a week pickup schedule as follows (four bag or can limit):

  • Monday: Brownstown Borough line to Middle School at Luzerne Street and Diamond Boulevard.
  • Tuesday: Right side of Menoher Boulevard from Carnegie west to, but not including Stanford Avenue.
  • Wednesday: Left side of Menoher Boulevard from Luzerne Street Ext. to Borough line. Right side of Menoher Boulevard from Stanford Avenue west to Borough line at Drury Lane.
  • On some holidays, that route will be collected the following day and the remaining routes in that week will also change to the day after the normally scheduled pickup. A holiday schedule is available at the Westmont Municipal Office.
  • In 2020, garbage pickup will be one day late for Memorial Day and Labor Day.
    • (Monday pickup will be on Tuesday; Tuesday pickup will be on Wednesday;  Wednesday pickup will be on Thursday.)
  • Proper receptacles are garbage cans with tight fitting lids or plastic garbage bags which are securely tied.  Garbage cans and recycling bins shall be removed from the curb/alley the same day as the scheduled pickup.  Thirty (30) gallon containers or bags should be used.  If you use larger containers, please first place the garbage in bags.