Back Row: Mayor Robert J. Callahan, DDS, President Pro Tem Marc McCall, Gordon Smith, Front Row: Lee E. Williamson, President Don C. Hall, Vice President/CBO Thomas C. Gramling, Sr., James Mirabile.


Borough Officials

  • Mayor:  Robert J. Callahan, DDS
  • Council President:  Don C. Hall II
  • Council Vice President:  Thomas C. Gramling, Sr.
  • CBO, President Pro Tem: Marc McCall
  • Councilors:
    • Gordon Smith
    • James R. Mirabile
    • Christopher DelSignore
    • William D. Stasko
  • Borough Solicitor:  Robert Shahade, Esq.
  • Borough Secretary: Gail Y. Heeter
  • Assistant Secretary/Treasurer:  Cathy A. Leech
  • Public Works Director:  David W. Birch
  • Borough Engineer:
  • Mesko & Associates, Inc.
  • Kenneth E. Mesko, P.E.
  • West Hill Regional Police Chief:  Michael W. Lose,
  • Zoning Officer:  Mark E. Walker
  • Westmont Fire Chief:  Donald R. Blasko, Sr.
  • West Hills Regional Fire Commission (Westmont representatives)
    • Dr. Robert J. Callahan, Mayor
  • Emergency Services Director:  Brian A. Havas
  • Emergency Management Coordinator:  Brian A. Havas
  • Tax Collector:  Maureen Q. Clark
  • Constable: David Santa

Boards and Commissions

  • Zoning Hearing Board:
      • Chairman:  James Kukura

    Shane Lint

    • Gary Czyrnik
    • Jeffrey Kohler
    • Shane Lint
    • Anne McGrath
    • Alternate:
    • Solicitor: Daniel R. Lovette, Esq.
  • Planning Commission:
    • Chairman:  Brian Chirillo
    • Vice Chairman:  Clifford Majercsik
    • Joseph Nibert
    • David Santa
    • Carl Swank
    • Jack Scott
    • Charles K. St. Clair
    • Solicitor: Andrew Davis Gleason
  • Board of Health:
    • Health Officer:  Dr. Louis Schenfeld
    • Dr. Thomas J. Bach
    • Patricia Burns
    • Dr. James Greco
    • Ronald Koch
  • Vacancy Board:
    • Chairperson:  Daniel R. Lovette
    • All members of Council
  • West Hills Regional Police Commission (Westmont representatives)
  • Dr. Robert J. Callahan
  • Thomas C. Gramling
  • James R. Mirabile
  • Alternate: Marc McCall
  • Greater Johnstown Water Authority (Westmont representatives):
    • Don C. Hall, II

An Invitation

From time to time vacancies occur on various Boards and Commissions. These positions are filled by adult residents of the community and are appointed by Westmont Borough Council. If you are interested in volunteering your time and expertise, please send a resume to the Westmont Borough Office and your name will be placed in a Registry for consideration for future openings.