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The Public Works Maintenance Building is located at 1000 Edgehill Drive. The Public Works Department is responsible for the general appearance of the Borough. Under the supervision of the Public Works Director, the Department handles the maintenance of the highways and alleys, sanitary and storm sewers, traffic control devices, street signs, park maintenance, snow plowing, leaf collection, street sweeping, shade trees, and maintenance of Borough equipment, including police and fire apparatus. The Department is one of the few in the area that has its own highway paving equipment.


Westmont Borough has been working under the requirements of PaDEP, monitoring the storm sewer out falls within the Borough for the past several years as part of the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permitting process. As part of the process the Borough is required to develop a “Public Education and Outreach” Program. Posters which describe the program are displayed at the Borough Office.


The State Department of Environmental Protection has ordered that all municipalities in the Johnstown Regional Sewer system eliminate “inflow and infiltration” – surface water entering sewer lines causing the illegal overflow of untreated waste. Westmont Borough has 141,500 lineal feet of sewer lines that have already been televised, cleaned and smoke tested. In addition, the Borough has to conduct manhole rehabilitation and sanitary sewer line rehabilitation. The Engineers have estimated that it will cost approx. $15 million to bring the Borough into compliance. We regret to inform you that the increasing sewer bills are necessary due to the astronomical amount of money needed to complete these projects within the time-frame set by the DEP.

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