General Information

Before you do any work on your property, inside or out, please contact the municipal office & check regulations & permit requirements.

General Information
Garbage & Sewer Bills
Westmont Borough garbage bills mailed annually in January. Westmont Borough sewer bills mailed quarterly in January, April, July, and October.  Garbage bills may be paid at Westmont Borough Office.  Sewer bills may be paid at Westmont Borough Office, or online at
Hazardous Materials Disposal/Electronics Recycling
For disposal of hazardous materials and information on locations of drop off bins, please contact the Cambria County Solid Waste Management Authority at 1-877-237-6748 or During the Annual Trash Pickup Days ONLY electronic waste – NO TV’S)can be taken to a drop-off at the Public Works Building, 1000 Edgehill Drive, between 7:00 A.M.-3:00 P.M. DO NOT drop off items at any other time.
Annual Trash Collection
The Borough conducts an annual spring cleanup on the following days, consistent with your regularly scheduled garbage day: Monday, May 1, 2023, Tuesday, May 2, 2023, and Wednesday, May 3, 2023.
Leaf Collection
The Borough collects leaves from September through November. Leaves must be raked to the edge of the street. Do not rake leaves onto the street. No bagged leaves will be picked up. No alley pickup.
Limbs/branches will be picked up five times a year by the Public Works Dept. The schedule will be published in the newspaper and on the webpage. Maximum 6” diameter. Must be neatly stacked at the edge of the street (not on the street). No alley pickup. No yard waste. Do not put in bags or boxes. On week of pickup, must be out by 7:00 a.m. Monday. NO return trips.  Schedule for 2023: The week of April 10, the week of May 1, the week of July 10, the week of August 7, and the week of October, 2.
Christmas Trees
After the holiday, please place “ live” Christmas trees at the CURB. The Borough will pick up and dispose of same. No alley pickup.
Grass and Weeds
Grass and weeds growing in excess of ten inches must be cut immediately.
Animal Control
No animal shall be upon any street, public or private property, without being held in leash and under the control of owner or attendant. No person shall allow any animal to soil upon any property, other than that of the animal’s owner, without immediately removing same. No animal or bird shall disturb the peace and quiet of a neighborhood by frequent and habitual howling, barking, meowing, squawking or other noise for a continuous period of 15 minutes or intermittently in excess of 30 minutes.
Shade Trees
Shade trees in the Borough right-of-way, along the curb line, are the property of the Borough. These trees shall not be removed, trimmed, scraped, painted, defaced or injured in any way.
Sidewalks and Curbs
Repair and replacement of sidewalks and curbs in front of property are the property owner’s responsibility. Please call the Westmont Borough Office for specifications and regulations.
Snow Removal
Various streets in the Borough are posted “no parking” on specified days and hours during the winter season for snow removal. Violators will be ticketed. Residents are requested not to plow or shovel snow onto the street once it is cleared. Sidewalks must be kept clear of snow by the residents.
Subdivision and Land development
A subdivision and land development ordinance regulates the subdivision of land, development of land for single-family, multi-family uses, and for adjustment of property lines between neighbors. Plans and fees are required.
House Numbers
Cambria County enacted an ordinance setting requirements for addressing of homes, businesses, and apartments. All street address numbers shall be made of durable reflective material to make them more visible. Residences – not less than three inches in height; apartments; townhouses and business – not less than four inches in height. This is extremely important for response from an emergency vehicle. For more information, call 255-7777.
Numerous Street Signs and Posts are vandalized and stolen each year. This form of vandalism and maliciousness is costing tax dollars to replace and repair, dollars that could be put to use elsewhere. If you have information that will lead to the arrest of violators, please call the West Hills Regional Police office at 255-4145.
The Borough right-of-way as defined in the Code: “the total width of any land reserved or dedicated as a street, alley, crosswalk or for other public or semi-public purposes.” This generally means from the edge of the street to the inside edge of the sidewalk (the side closest to your home). However, some areas of the Borough are laid out differently without sidewalks and, therefore, the width may differ. Recently, Borough residents have been paving (concrete, asphalt, stones) over the Borough right-of-way in front of their homes. This is a violation of Westmont Borough Code.
Deed Transfers
When property is sold or transferred, a moving permit must be submitted to the Westmont Borough Office. There is a fee of $10 for this permit. Once received, the account will be put into the new owners name.
Real Estate
Your Borough and County tax notices are mailed March 1st and School notices July 1st. Taxes are your responsibility! Call Robert Miller, Tax Collector at 814-255-5350 for place and time of collection.
Pride of Westmont Award
Westmont Borough Council presents Pride of Westmont Awards to recognize a person or project for volunteerism in the Borough. Recommendations may be mailed to the Borough Office for consideration.