Westmont Borough Sewer Rehabilitation Project
A sewer grate in the road

Westmont Borough Sewer Rehabilitation Project

Update: March 8, 2016 – Certification not required for refinancing!

July 2016 – The PA Department of Environmental Protection and the Johnstown Redevelopment Authority have mandated that the Borough remove inflow and infiltration from the sanitary sewer lines. The Borough borrowed $15,702,000 from PennVest to finance the Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project. To pay back the loans, PennVest advised what amount we need to charge our customers. Consequently, the surcharge on the Borough sewer bill increased to $124.00 per quarter beginning with the July 2016 billing. Work began on the Borough sewer mains on October 31, 2016.

  1. Rules and Regulations
  2. Requirements for CCTV For Building Inspection
  3. Application For and Certificate Of Sanitary Sewer Inspection Testing Or Qualified Certificate of CCTV Inspection
  4. Time Extension Agreement—Commercial
  5. Time Extension Agreement—Residential
  6. Preliminary Notice To Comply
  7. Notice to Comply
  8. Council – Customer Bulletin 3/24/15
  9. Council – Sewer Customer Newsletter 11/4/15
  10. Council – Letter to Legislators
  11. Solicitor – Letter to Department of Environmental Protection
  12. Senator Pat Toomey – Resident Information for Grants/Loans
  13. 2021 Contractor List
  14. DEP Response to Solicitors Letter
  15. Johnstown Redevelopment Authority Financial Assistance Application